The Market Operator, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine About Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination and UN Declaration of Human Rights, introduced gender policy.

The Gender Committee of the Market Operator is headed by Olga Lepchenko, Deputy Chief Accountant of the company.

A person, his rights are of the highest value and they are universal, natural, indivisible and inalienable to the whole team of "Market Operator". The company ensures equal legal status for women and men and cares for equal opportunities for its implementation.

Market Operator upholds principles of gender equality in management process, guarantees equal opportunities and attitudes in employment relations, equal remuneration for equal work, equal access to safety and social security, equality in career development and a balance between work and family life, fair for both men and women.

As a gender-balanced company, Market Operator demonstrates by its own example that energy can be interesting not only for men. The company employs 60% of women, created equal working conditions and wages, implemented a policy friendly to the families of employees of the Market Operator. This is evidenced, in particular, by the results of the gender audit conducted in 2020 by the company's Gender Committee with the participation of independent experts - gender policy experts from the USAID Energy Security Project in Ukraine.

Gender balance promotes the Market Operator development as an european-level company dominated by democratic principle of governance and respect for fundamental civil liberties.

In 2020, the Market Operator was recognized as the best energy company with gender parity. The company won the annual thematic competition, taking first place in the nomination "Company of the Year" as the best energy company that has implemented and developed gender policy.