"Market Operator" as a state enterprise was established on June 18, 2019 in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Electricity Market". On December 20, 2021, Market Operator became a joint-stock company, 100% of the shares of which belong to the state and are not subject to privatization.

The company is responsible for organization of salling and buying of electricity on the Day-Ahead Market and the Intraday Market, helps to balance demand and supply at the electricity market.

On the Day-Ahead Market, electricity is sold and bought on the next day after the auction. A price on this segment of the market is determined by the marginal pricing principle, with an aim of minimizing price and maximizing trading volumes. None of participants see offered prices and volumes of buying / selling of electricity by other participants. This technology promotes competition of bidding on DAM.

On the Intraday Market, electricity is sold and bought continuously after day-ahead auctions and during the physical supply of electricity have been completed. This market segment enables market participants to adjust their trading positions and works on a principle that «each product has its own buyer". That is, sellers and buyers declare the volumes and prices at which they want to sell / buy electricity, and are waiting for their counterparty.

«Market Operator» works transparently in compliance with principles of free pricing and promptly performs full calculations with market participants. Electricity bidding is conducted 24/7 in an automatic mode, without any manual process control.

It is confirmed by the quality certificate in the field of management ISO 9001:2015, which indicates the activity compliance of the "Market Operator" with international quality management standards for the provision of services for the organization of electricity purchase and sale.

Such activities and implemented Anti-Corruption Program position the Market Operator as an European model enterprise, and also meet the goals of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to make state companies are transparent and innovative.


«Market Operator» operates on the exchange principle, which promotes to competition and lowers an electricity price.
The company enables electricity market participants to minimize imbalances and thus reduce their costs.
It is the first and only state company in Ukraine which introduce payments through ESCROW accounts. Moreover, the first Company where payment and settlement system works on the weekends.
The «Market Operator» provides instant 100% calculations between those who sold and those who bought electricity, which prevents the emergence of debt in these segments of the new energy market.
Electricity buying / selling operations on the Day-Ahead and Intraday markets are carried out automatically, without any manual control, which prevents abuses and provides a level playing field for all market participants.